Conditions of participation and declarations of consent

1. Conditions of participation

1.1 You can apply to participate in the “Digital After Work @Fresenius” by completing the online application form. All persons aged 18 and over who have provided all the necessary information about their person are entitled to participate. The application is only possible online.

1.2 The application period ends on August 11, 2021. Applying for the “Digital After Work @Fresenius“ does not guarantee participation. Applicants will receive an e-mail one week after their application at the latest, to let them know whether they were accepted to participate in the “Digital After Work @Fresenius”.

1.3 An application to participate in the online event "Digital After Work @Fresenius" is only possible if the declaration of consent listed in Section 2 is submitted. However, the declaration of consent can be revoked at any time.

1.4 If you participate in the "Digital After Work @Fresenius", you have the possibility of taking part in a virtual gin tasting. Participation in the virtual gin tasting is voluntary. Fresenius assumes no liability for any consequences resulting from participation in the virtual gin tasting.

1.5 If you would like to receive the free gin package for the gin tasting, you must provide personal data such as name and address to an external provider, the "Liquid Director Club". The data protection regulations of the external provider apply to this. The order of the package is voluntary and is carried out directly between the participant and the external provider. The gin package is only shipped to addresses within Germany.

1.6 Participation, both in the online event "Digital After Work @Fresenius" and in the subsequent virtual gin tasting, is free of charge. The costs for the gin-tasting package will be borne by Fresenius. Other incidental and consequential costs associated with participation shall be borne by the participants.

2. Declaration of consent regarding receipt of an invitation to the Fresenius Alumni retention program

I hereby agree to receive an invitation e-mail to the e-mail address that I have provided which gives me the opportunity to register with the Fresenius Alumni retention program. Further information about the registration and the content of the Fresenius Alumni retention program will be made available separately during the registration process and is independent from this consent regarding the receipt of the invitation e-mail. The consent to the dispatch of the invitation e-mail can be revoked at any time with future effect by sending an e-mail to